About Petra


I was born in the Czech Republic, but for over two decades I have been calling the city of Edinburgh in Scotland my second home.

My personal interest in health, fitness and well being started soon after I moved to Scotland in summer 1998 and it led me to getting qualified as a group fitness instructor in 2001.

Over the next few years I taught various kinds of fitness classes, became certified and worked as a gym instructor, then personal trainer, nutritional advisor and personal coach.

Working out my own body on daily basis for many years, I learned and understood the importance of looking after it through healthy nutrition and also through specific postural exercises with a focus on strengthening the core muscles. That resulted in my L3 Pilates teacher qualification, which I still enjoy both teaching and practising these days.

In 2016, when my personal life experience became overbearing, I went into a severe trauma and a deep dissociation, that led me on a new path through a journey of self healing and

self re-discovery.

I started this new way of being by participating in an extensive and intensive residential teacher training course in Germany in July 2016 and qualified as a Tantra Yoga teacher, followed by further teacher training in Ecuador later that year, where I obtained the certification as a master Tantra Yoga teacher. But more importantly, I was able to reconnect with myself on much deeper level then ever before and expand/explore my own understanding, awareness, wisdom and knowledge from the Tantra and Shamanic perspective.

At this moment I feel that in Tantra (means ongoing consiousness expansion) I found the 'missing piece of the jigsaw' and I can and do truly appreciate the connection of the body, the mind and the spirit. It certainly helped me to find a balance and harmony within, and I am now enjoying and sharing this amazing practice with everyone who is interested and ready to expand their own consiousness, heal and find balance in their own life...

In August 2017 I have taken part in a very enriching training workshop with the Tone of Life in Poland, where I learned and personally experienced the amazing healing and restorative powers of the Gongs, singing bowls and other percussion instruments.

''Many studies show that meditation helps relieve high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain.

Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body are positively affected by a Gong Bath.''

SheMoon Gong, which is the first (of hopefully many) I purchased from the Tone of Life 'element' series, is linked to our emotions and feelings. It has a deep sound with magic bells ringing here and there, bringing stillness, peace, nurture, gentleness, a sense of calmness, concentrating the attention hereand now, like a flowing stream...

I am now offering restorative Yoga & Gong sessions for small groups or individuals, as I found that combination of those two beautiful practices together offers much deeper relaxation and more enhanced experience.

You will be taken on your own personal journey of self discovery, regeneration and healing...please contact for more details or to book a place..

In April 2020 we have self published our book 'The Weaving of her Stories' and I am now also offering creative writing - self empowering workshops to groups and individuals - open to all - no previous experience in writing necessary.

One of my many passions is to support and to assist in the empowerment of people as individuals in any way I can to reach their full potential, to live a happy and fulfilling life.

And since the children are the future of our planet, I feel we need to encourage their wellbeing on every level as early in their lifes as we can.


''Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness with a physical activity that is noncompetitive. Children derive enourmous benefits from Yoga. Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness. They learn about their minds, and how they can affect not only their own attitudes and approaches to life, but also the attitudes of others.''


Since December 20017 I am also qualified as 'Children do Yoga' teacher and since October 2018 also Youth Mindfulness Teacher .

In summer 2021 we are aiming to commence our first "Nature & Body connections" - our all inclusive family retreats in the country side of  both the Czech Republic and Scotland.

During the period of my own self -exploration and healing, I also did training in Reiki L1, Chi-Kung L1, Swedish massage, Ayurvedic walking massage, Kinetic Chain Release KCR, BioDynamic Breath Trauma Release Training L1, International Healing Voice training, Bioenergetic training and Shamanic Training.

I offer a holistic approach to suit individual needs, for the purpose of harmonising the body - mind - spirit, aiming for the most optimum and balanced life experience of each and every being.

At the moment I offer Gong bath, Shammanic Sound journey, Personal training & Holistic coaching sessions, personal Pilates or Yoga sessions, Intuitive and Ayurvedic Massage for women.

Please contact me here to book your appointment.

Sessions are available for an individual or shared (two people).

Your investment for is £45 for 45minutes session.

The initial introduction - enquiry session for up to 20minutes over the phone or skype is free.

Please check also the workshops and retreats available through out the year.


Tel. Number: 07738763913

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