3i Retreats 2020


We would like to invite you to join us for four unique gatherings in 2020 in Scotland and the Czech Republic, dedicated to exploration of the four elements within and without. In Spring we will reignite and reconnect with our inner fire. In Summer we reconnect with our inner and outer waters. In Autumn we focus on grouding and reconnecting with Earth. And in Winter we will be in stillness and breathe ourself into a new reality.

The Spring Retreat will take place in Sharon's country of birth, Scotland.

We will open our retreat and our bodies with an energetic Ashtanga Yoga practice, followed by the heart opening Cacao Ceremonie. Then we will aim for even deeper connection with ourself and our breath during our Kaula Tantra Yoga practice.

We will also explore our own sounds and our ancestral connections in the afternoon, finishing the day with Restorative Yoga practice and Gong Bath.

All these tools and practices will give us a great opportunity to feel and observe the various energetic effects they all have within our body.

There will be delicious home made vegeterian food to accompany our experience. 

Lunch, snacks and dinner will be provided.

SATURDAY 14.3.2020, 10.30am -6.30pm

The retreat will be taught in both English & Czech language, if necessary.

The Summer Retreat will take place in Petra's country of birth, the Czech Republic.

We will be surrounded by nature, warmed by the Sunshine, breathing fresh air as we enjoy privacy of our own house and garden.

We will start our day with the sun salutations on the porch, then play and explore various effects of different waters they have on our bodies (spring pool, jacuzzi, sauna), go on adventure trips within(through shamanic journeys) and without (exploring the country side), and sit and share by the fire at night under the stars.

On the last night we travel to the Capital city Prague where we will visit a few special places and stay for one night.

There will be delicious home made vegetarian food to accompany our experience.

The retreat will be taught in both English & Czech language, if necessary.

Dates tbc: August/September 2020

....to be continued with Autumn & Winter Retreats....


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