The Gong Meditation is a very ancient technique from Asia, a complete sound bath that produces an amazing sense of well-being through the vibration of all the water within the body (our bodies are 80% water).

The combination of a deep and meditative breath will allow the body and mind to relax and surrender to the tones of the Gong on a much deeper level, resulting in a very profound, relaxing, regenerative and blissful experience.

"Many studies show that meditation helps relieve high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronical pain. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the body are positively affected by a Gong bath."

No previous Yoga or Meditation experience is necessary, it is suitable for all. You will spend most of the time lying on your back, so please wear loose comfortable clothes. Mats and blankets are provided.

Booking is essential.

Sessions are available for one person or can be experienced by two people per session.

Your investment: £45

If you have any questions or would you like to book your experience or buy a GIFT VOUCHER, please contact me here.


Tel. Number: 07738763913

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