During the most difficult times in my life, as I was experiencing a deep trauma resulting in severe dissociation, it was the deep connection with my own breath that eventually brought me ''back into my body'' and made me realise that our own breath is our best ally.

I would like to invite you to join me on a journey of reconnection with your self on the deepest level through mindfull breathing. We will be incooperating special breathing techniques, mindfulness - awareness, gentle stretching and presence with gratitude.

Natural yet transformational, gentle yet powerful,  simple yet effective.

Self care at its best!

How we start our day does effect the rest of our today.

The morning meditative rejuvenating and restorative yoga practice will help us to bring our mind~body~spirit into balance and therefore assist us with having the best possible day to enjoy...

Suitable for all, no yoga experience necessary!

 Please contact here for more information.

Tel. Number: 07738763913

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