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Hamsini grew up in Paris in her Algerian family. Music, dance and singing were a daily celebration of
life and became a natural expression for her. She studied psychology and has always been very eager understand human beings, herself included. With her studies, she began working on her personal development at the age of 21, and since then, she has never stopped. In 1999, her strong spiritual aspiration brought her to India where she met her spiritual teacher, for whom she felt an immediate Love. She decided to leave everything behind to spend the rest of her life near her Master with the desire to be shaped by Her Divine embrace. Amma suggested Hamsini to focus on singing, sound, singing with her on stage, translating her songs into French, spending time with her privately in her room always around the theme of music, voice and sacred song. Gradually the work on the voice, the power of the vibratory energy of the sounds and the sacred songs took a very important place in her life . It has become one of the privileged ways to connect with the Divine, Self and others. After 12 years of living in the Ashram, Hamsini felt that a cycle of her life was coming to an end and, with Amma's blessing, she settled in the international city of Auroville, India, a place created by Sri Aurobindo and his Shakti, The mother. Auroville is
dedicated to searching for human unity and transforming human consciousness. At present Hamsini lives in Auroville where she pursues her quest of the Self and shares this special Yoga. Since several years Hamsini share and keep learning: The yoga of the voice: Conscious and relevant integration of the teaching of the Italian Masters of Bel Canto School and yoga. The Yoga of Sound or Nada BrahmaYoga: Indian ancestral technique that connects the music and the sound of the voice with the spiritual evolution. Compasionnate Communication: Process developed by Marshall Rosenberg that allows to have more awareness in the mechanism of the language with oneself and the others in order to live more harmonious happy and peaceful relationship.
Hormonal Yoga : To help woman with hormonal disbalance :
Awakening feminine divine power retraite : 4 days or more of a special designed retreat to help woman to find their voice, their true being and purpose by honoring and celebrating their feminine powers.
She works with people in seminary, residency internship and individual sessions for several years in India and abroad.


Tel. Number: 07738763913

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