The Weaving of Our Stories


The Weaving of Our Stories Workshops

We would like to invite you on your own journey into your heart and through writing and other modalities find your own expression of your feelings, emotions, perceptions, reflections and truth. 

After finishing and self publishing our book it became clear that writing the book was one of the best experiences that helped me to finally close the chapter of my "previous life story". There was a feeling of reliese once I finished my writing and let go of the old energy that was no longer serving me as it was no longer my truth. By expressing it and acknowledging my journey I freed myself from the web of thoughts that needed to be reliesed in order to moved forward.

As I am reflecting back I realise this was one of the most self empowering things I have done for myself.

Now I would like to provide this modality of healing and self empowering for anyone who might feel stuck or perhaps is ready to let the old story go. The process of writing could also serve as a journey of self discovery or simply a way to learn to express oneself, to re-discover our own way to be creative and thriving.

We will support you all the way and it does not matter if you never wrote anything before or if english is not your first language and if you prefer, you can also write in your own language.  There will be also an option to have your book published!

We hold workshops over the zoom and from September 2020 in person.

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All human beings are welcomed!

Tel. Number: 07738763913

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